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Awning windows open from the bottom outwards, and are great for small openings like showers, toilets, or as attractive feature windows.  can be any where from one to as many as you need

They feature a top hung sash with fixed panels and hardware as per our Casement Windows.

Awning Windows (also known as “Hoppers”) can be installed as a single unit or as a bank of Awnings as an alternative to louvers.

The Earthsmart system also allows you to install either of these configurations with a fixed panel above, below or to one side of them.

Earthsmart’s Awning Windows use friction stays,  which are attached to the side of the sash. These allow the window to stay open without the use of a winder.  They can open to nearly 90 degrees allowing good cross ventilation.

These are an excellent alternative to louvres, as they give virtually the same cross ventilation but also have excellent sealing when closed, ensuring no draughts.

Additionally, they offer an outstanding level of security.


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