When it comes to both sophistication and performance, Earthsmart’s u-PVC is light years ahead of the norm. Put another way, what we know of as “standard” windows and doors are old technology that costs you comfort, money and style.

u-PVC window frames & doors are fast replacing the traditional aluminium, wood, & steel products all over the world.

This is because a single glazed Earthsmart window performs better when comparing it to even a double glazed aluminium window.  They are the most cost effective option when energy saving, durability & design factors are taken into account. Versus any other options, our u-PVC frames are also uniquely resistant to UV damage, salt corrosion, termites and mould. They are highly recommended if you live in a bushfire-prone area, and are virtually maintenance free.

When you also take into account they also dramatically reduce noise from outside, and are designed with a fully-integrated high end European locking system as standard, there is no other logical choice.

Earthsmart Doors & Windows are Ideal for:

  • New Builds
  • Renovations
  • Extensions
  • Cyclone Areas
  • High Noise Areas
  • Reducing Cooling and Heating Expenses

Earthsmart backed by over 40 years experience in the construction and property industry, and have been involved in the specification, development and manufacture of u-PVC doors and windows since 2003.

Our international partners began production in Europe in 1992. This long track record, combined with the high level of service and attention to detail we provide ensures you will receive the finest quality product.

Earthsmart Doors & Windows have been independently tested to Australian standards and passed the AWA and WERS requirements. We are also a HIA member.

Benefits of Earthsmart u-PVC at a Glance

  • Energy Efficient
  • Will not crack, warp or flake in Australia’s harsh Sunlight
  • Resistant to salt corrosion in coastal locations
  • Virtually maintenance free – never have to sand and paint your windows again!
  • Cyclone Safe
  • Non Flammable/Self Extinguishing – ideal for use in Bush Fire zones
  • High security locking as standard
  • Wide range of colour and wood grain effect choices
  • Different Inside and Outside colour variations available

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