Doors & Windows account for almost 70 per cent of a building’s energy loss.

Did you know that if you’re one of the average Australians that has single glazed, aluminium framed windows, your home is both less energy efficient and less comfortable than it needs to be?

This means you’re more likely to be sweaty in summer, and can’t get your place to retain warmth in winter; and will end up spending more money on air conditioning to keep yourself comfy.

Earthsmart’s u-PVC doors & windows are ideal for insulating against the warmth of summer as well as the cool of winter.  Unlike aluminium, the composition of the window frames & doors is non-conductive. This means they do not allow heat to be transferred through the frame, reducing the amount of heat to be absorbed in from outside, while also retaining cooler air from your air conditioners. Combine these u-PVC frames with double or even triple glazing and the result is maximum energy efficiency.

Our products are widely used worldwide and exported to 55 countries with diverse climate extending form the Middle East to Siberia, thus have proved their sustainable quality in the -70 to +60 degrees celsius temperature range.

The insulation qualities of the windows also mean they score very highly in terms of the energy ratings Australian builders now have to comply with.  Based on average low set brick home in south east Queensland, u-PVC window frames will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 5% so after 20 years you have saved a years worth of emissions just by changing the window frame. In practical terms, studies show that it can be as much as $550 (ASD) per year in an average household.

Benefits of Earthsmart u-PVC

  • Energy Efficient
  • Will not crack, warp or flake in Australia’s harsh Sunlight
  • Resistant to salt corrosion in coastal locations
  • Virtually maintenance free – never have to sand and paint your windows again!
  • Cyclone Safe
  • Non Flammable/Self Extinguishing – ideal for use in Bush Fire zones
  • High security locking as standard
  • Wide range of colour and wood grain effect choices
  • Different Inside and Outside colour variations available

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