If you are a building company, then you’ll find that specifying Earthsmart products makes sense for a number of reasons.

  • Thermal Properties - The unique thermal properities of Earthsmart’s u-PVC door and window frames is head and shoulders above the aluminium products that dominate the Australian marketplace. As a result, we can provide a simple way to raise the star ratings of your buildings.
  • The Marketing Edge - The Earthsmart product is a highly visible and practical way to market your designs as truly “green” housing.
  • Easy to Adapt - Unlike other approaches to meeting forthcoming regulations, adapting to the Earthsmart range means that there are NO headaches in modifying your existing plans.
  • It Looks Great - The substantial profile and available colour and texture options make Earthsmart the truly Architectural choice for style-conscious buyers.
  • Secure as Standard - The locking system offers an increased level of security as standard to your projects.
  • Reasonably Priced - Pricing is roughly the same as numerous aluminium lines, only Earthsmart u-PVC has been proven to be an all-round better product.

Glass options

We also supply a wide variety of glass from your ordinary glass where safety or weather are not a factor, your tempered glass where the glass is 4 time harder good for safety as it shatter when broken.

Laminated glass where the thin film in the middle cuts down noise , heat transfer m uv protection and good for security as the film acts like a screen , if broken the glass cracks but remains attached to the film

All different colours clear bronze blue greens for often used to capture that extra scenery and can be useful in cutting down the sun light where needed.


If you are a building company, contractor or specifier, and are considering sourcing your windows and doors from Earthsmart, the following documents are a great starting point to understanding the difference between our product and what else is available.

If you require any further information, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.